Life of Kerry Packer – When it comes to casino gambling, everyone should be aware of one of the most well-known gamblers, Kerry Packer.

The world over, as well as his birthplace of Sydney, Australia, are not immune to Kerry Packer’s impact. His legacy as a corporate mogul, cricket revolutionary, and renowned gambler is unmatched by many on this globe.

Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer, who was born in Sydney, Australia in December 1937, would go on to have a tremendous impact. Most people would be happy to leave behind a legacy such as becoming a billionaire, but it is only one of the things he would be remembered for.

Packer had lived several lifetimes by the time of his death the day after Christmas 2005. In addition to inventing World Series Cricket and establishing the “Packer Empire,” the billionaire would leave a record of casino success that very few men can match.

Life of Kerry Packer

An difficult upbringing Life of Kerry Packer

Packer was in constant terror of a Japanese invasion during his early boyhood in Sydney, long before he learned how to play baccarat. Due to the infamous Japanese submarine assaults on Sydney Harbor in May and June 1942, his parents sent him to live with an aunt in Bowral.

While residing in Bowral, Packer contracted polio, which required him to stay in the hospital for nine months. It took two years for Packer to fully restore his strength, even after he left the hospital.

He had trouble going back to school because of his leave. Packer struggled with dyslexia, which was misdiagnosed and made it nearly hard for him to catch up. In the end, his father would refer to him as “the family idiot.”

Packer’s parents, with whom he never really got along, were often criticizing him. Still, Packer never mentioned them negatively. He described his father as “just a man,” but also as a powerful man who intimidated him.

Getting Rich

Kerry Packer’s narrative is engaging from beginning to end, yet it is not really his own. Kerry inherited his father’s media company, which he had built, when he passed away in 1974. Packer’s father left behind an empire valued at over AU$100 million at the time of his death.

Kerry was left with two television stations, a few radio stations, a few provincial newspapers, and Australia’s biggest magazine publishing company. All of this might not have happened if there hadn’t been a disagreement between Kerry’s father and his older brother Clyde, who was left out of the will.

Still, Packer proved to be a skilled businessman. At the age of 37, he assumed control of the company and focused on real estate development while heavily investing in cattle ranching.

But 1987 was the year he made his biggest move. When Australian television stations reached their peak in value, Packer sold Alan Bond The Nine Network, netting him AU$1 billion. However, that was only the beginning.